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Raider Team

The Spruce Creek High School JROTC Raider Team is a competitive school vs school varsity athletic team that commands high level of athleticism and an excellent challenge. Joining the team everyone is dedicated to come to practice after school and are taught raider team events such as tire flips, rope bridge, kettlebell run, 5k course, CCR or (cross country rescue) which all test your strengths. This team teaches high school students how to; work together as a team, gets you to become physically and mentally strong, and gets you out of your comfort zone to help you become a better leader. Then with you being out of your bubble, you are to teach and train with the new raider team commander, thus taking you further out of your personal comfort zone. As of competitions we travel as a unit and compete all over the state of Florida. Raider team has three main types of teams: male, female, and mixed team, each team competes for their respected title as the best team in the state. Raider team not only builds your leadership skills or ability to work as a team, but you create a family that will be there for you to teach, help, and overcome obstacles that trouble you either that being on the team or outside of it. All in all, raider team is an exceptional athletic activity to join and will help you a lot in JROTC and in your everyday life in and out of school.  


Male Raider Team Commander: C/2LT Taylor, D


Female Raider Team Commander: C/CSM Anderson, C

Raider Team flyer.png

Raider Team Instructional Videos:

+ Swiss Seat Tutorial- "Knot of the Week" Swiss Seat":


+ Rope Bridge- "JROTC Rope Bridge Instruction:

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