Spruce Creek Army JROTC

Welcome to the official website of Spruce Creek High School's Army JROTC Program. Cadets and parents will find information for upcoming events for the month, quarter and year. Also, they will find pictures of various events, the contact information to the Spruce Creek Army JROTC Senior Army Instructor Colonel (Retired) Brett Clark, and Army Instructor Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Ron Emerson. Additionally, information about the Cadet Command and Staff. 

                                                    Spruce Creek HS JROTC Annual Fundraiser
Parents, guardians, friends of our Cadets’ family, and the Hawk Battalion, we need your help….We are currently preparing for our annual Snap-Raise fundraiser. We use this fundraising method because it basically runs itself, no selling of candy or products, no Cadet fund collecting or order taking, it is quick, simple and easy!
We will access the site, watch the “how to” video and load emails into Cadet Individual accounts on Wednesday, 17 March 2021.
Our fundraising efforts are 30 days only; start: 01 April to 30 April 2021.
Snap-Raise maintains the site, collects data and writes the check at the end. Of course, they get paid for the privilege, 30% of overall profits OR 20% if the Battalion participation level is above 70%. Participation credit for a Cadet is 20 emails and a $20.00 donation; when 70% of our Cadets achieve this level, we are eligible for 80% of all proceeds.
The process is simple: Each cadet has a Snap-Raise account in which they load a minimum of 20 valid, quality emails (this is the only requirement). Then, sit back and watch the donations grow! Obviously, family members and friends of the family increase the opportunity for a donation, so this is a perfect target area.
Here are the next steps: 
  • Help your child select at least 20 potential supporters 
  • Keep the list of emails someplace electronic and handy – it will make entering them in before our campaign launches much easier. We plan to load them, in class on 17 March!
  • Avoid using emails of teachers, peers of your child, or strangers. 
*Important* Your child will receive an invitation from Snap! Raise to sign up for the campaign and enter in the 20+ email addresses a few days prior to launching the campaign. Please be sure your child completes their profile and adds a photo of themselves. There should be only 1 account per child.  
Link to get a login: http://www.snap-raise.com/join_code/536961750
Here are 20 examples of people you should consider adding: 
1-2. Parent(s)/Guardian # 1, Parent(s)/Guardian #2 
3-7. Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin(s), Uncle(s), Aunt(s) 
8-9. Family Doctor, Orthodontist/dentist 
10-12. Church/Social leader, Scout/troop leader, Former Coach 
13-14. Family friend #1, Family friend #2 
15-16. School alumni, Local business(s) that know you 
17-19. Neighbor(s), Parent co-workers(s), Friend of parent 
20. Adult sibling(s) 
Thank you,
Senior Army Instructor JROTC,
Office: 386-322-6272 Ext: 37767, Cell: 301-997-8885